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Cooler weather develops inland

Templeton skies
Posted at 5:47 PM, Jul 13, 2021

Onshore flow became dominant Tuesday and temperatures continued to slide, coastal differences were minor as marine influence was already in place.

Generally, the forecast is largely unchanged from what I was thinking yesterday. The cooling will continue and the mildest days for the interior will be the next several days as temperatures not only drop but even drop below average, which means some highs inland in the 80s.

This change will not last long, later this weekend what is called the "4-corners high" develops which is a clockwise steering flow which not only will bring back the heat, it may also drag in sub-tropical moisture. Some low-latitude tropical systems are likely and while those storms will likely track due west, there looks to be the potential for some higher dew point air to leak into California and combined with the heat could produce some thunderstorms.

The best chance will likely be south and east of us, but definitely something to watch next week.