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Cooler temps to wrap up by the weekend

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Posted at 2:45 PM, Jun 22, 2021

Happy Tuesday!

The cooler temperatures this week will come to a close by this weekend.

The continued onshore flow will continue to bring fog across the beaches and coastal valleys in the evening and morning hours.

As for temps, expect minor day-to day fluctuations, generally staying cool on Wednesday and Thursday with some warming on Friday.

Wind will not be an issue this week. There will be some gusty northerly winds across the Santa Ynez range Wednesday and Thursday nights but nothing is expected to reach advisory levels.

Sunday is expected to be a warm one with temperatures for the interior ranging in between 100 to 110 degrees. The continued onshore flow will keep the coastal areas cooler, but temperatures will still be well above seasonal normals.

Over the next three days, beaches and coastal areas will be in the upper 60s, low 70s. Inland areas will be in the upper 70s and reach the upper 80s by Friday with triple digit heat this weekend.