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Dry air a local concern for the Central Coast thru the rest of the weekend

Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-19 22:02:31-05

A ridge of high pressure has built over the Central Coast and that combined with surface high pressure will again drive offshore winds in the night and morning hours with only brief onshore winds thru Sunday.

Those winds are locally strong in the SLO foothills, especially around San Luis Obispo and north. The winds in this area look to be 15-30mph with gusts near 40mph, but this is only the forecast for those high wind spots. Generally the offshore push is only 10-20mph with local gusts.

The air is extremely dry as well, this means relatively poor fire weather conditions but for folks just looking for sunshine this pattern definitely helps with that.

The dry air will also continue to produce some very cold inland low temps, this morning Paso Robles was only 25 degrees.

The run of dry weather looks to continue into Christmas but just after Christmas models are now being a little more consistent showing a potential system around the 27th-28th, this system has some .50" potential, could even be better. This, however, is a long range outlook and it could change but we badly need the rain with the 1-4" rain defecits and moderate drought status the Central Coast is in currently.