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Fireworks stands opened for sales Monday, prices may be higher than years past

Posted at 11:57 PM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-29 02:57:29-04

Fireworks stands opened for sales Monday, but prices at some stands may be higher than years past. Local nonprofits began selling fireworks Monday in the Five Cities area, despite an increase in price due to a shortage.

"We're just here because it's the first day out to get some fireworks. Love the 4th of July and we're just here ready to celebrate the holidays on a weekend," said Grover Beach resident Gabriel Garcia.

Gabriel Garcia is purchasing fireworks to celebrate his favorite time of the year, the 4th of July.

Rick Pierce is selling fireworks for the second year in a row for the Five Cities Optimist Club on the corner of 6th and Grand in Grover Beach. He’s noticed companies like TNT have increased their prices by 15 to 25-percent.

Pierce says everyone who had a fireworks booth in the Five Cities area sold out last year. This year he anticipates selling out again, even with increased prices.

"We didn't raise the prices, TNT raised the prices. They set all of the price points on all of their products. We sell the product and then we get a cut from what we sell," said Five Cities Optimist Club Chairman/Fireworks Fundraiser Chair Rick Pierce.

Santa Maria Museum of Flight docent, Jerry Simas, says last year’s fireworks fundraising outcome was beyond what they expected.

"The fundraiser this year is similar to last year. We're raising money for the Santa Maria Museum of Flight. Trying to keep the doors open, so it's a struggle. Last year we obtained a new roof so this year we're looking at some other possibilities," said Simas.

Coastal Valley Soccer Club sitting Vice President, Victor Jerez, is raising funds for teens who need help covering the cost of travel for soccer.

The fireworks vendors all have the same goal in mind: helping the community.

"To me I've always been a big advocate about kids just playing soccer whether they have the money or not, we want to figure out how they can do it. It's really about just the kids. To me, I want the kids to stay off the street doing something productive," said Jerez.

Though fireworks went on sale Monday, most communities restrict their use to July 4th.