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First weekend of 2021 looks mostly dry but some rain coming next week

Posted at 12:13 PM, Jan 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-01 20:57:50-05

The upcoming weekend is pretty quiet. A decaying weak cold front rolls through overnight and another pressure surge Saturday night into Sunday could return the Santa Barbara County mountains, passes, and canyons to windy conditions with an advisory possible. We could get a few drops of rain/mist or drizzle later Saturday into Sunday with one of those frontal boundaries but again more of a miss than a hit in terms of meaningful weather.

The ocean is another story. Waves over the weekend look to be pretty large but a very large wave event is possible early next week as a very strong low in the Northern Pacific has already put ample energy into the water.

That energy starts to arrive by Tuesday and 20+ft. waves are possible. That would upgrade the high surf advisory to a surf warning.

Next week will be active in terms of systems in the region but I'm sticking with lower expectations for rainfall, under one inch for the week.

Earlier in the week one of the mid-range models was very bullish on rainfall but it has since joined the pack of models saying the storm track is too far north for high-impact rains.

That's not to say that rain is not likely, it is on Monday PM and again Wednesday PM into Thursday. As you can imagine with these systems temps take a hit and even if rain is not particularly heavy the winds will be up during those frontal passages.