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Highs wind warnings and advisories in place and more wind on the way

Cambria Trees
Posted at 11:33 AM, May 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 20:34:31-04

Winds during springtime on the Central Coast are nothing new, but the pace and the number of consecutive days this week are certainly something that everyone is likely to notice.

Already today there is a high wind warning for the Santa Barbara County Southcoast, passes, canyons, and high country.

Additionally, there is also a wind advisory for the Central Coast thru 8 pm.

In terms of temperatures, Tuesday is the warmest day and we'll start to see temps sag thru Thursday.

Beaches in the 50s and 60s Wednesday with coastal valleys in the 60s and inland temps in the 70s. Thursday looks to see some additional temperature drop, especially inland.

Windy conditions are likely to repeat on Wednesday and likely strengthen Thursday.

A dry cold front is sliding thru the area today and a larger trough is digging into the region for the second half of the week putting additional surface pressure differences and a lot of upper-level energy as well. The upper-level system is on top of us on Friday for more clouds and cooler temps. Thursday and Friday look to be the coolest days of the week. Winds Friday may not be as strong but still qualify as windy.

Winds back off to afternoon "breezy" for the weekend and a little warming takes place Saturday thru Monday.