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Hot weather to close the week but changes in sight

Posted at 1:30 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 16:30:16-04

Our hot weather week isn't quite over yet. Friday closed the work week with more triple digits in some coastal valleys with warm beaches again. The interior has had little break all week long on the warmer than average weather.

The weather pattern has promoted offshore winds. This has wiped out the marine cloud deck but that flow direction has also transported in all kinds of smoke to the Central Coast from a number of fires all over the Sierra and Northern California.

There is good and bed news here. The good news is that heat advisories will likely drop tonight and the air quality alert in SLO county already dropped at noon today. The less good news is that Saturday still looks very warm and common sense precautions still look like a good idea relating to heat and while the air quality alert has dropped the smoke is still visible and you can smell the smoke. A general rule of thumb is always: if you can see and smell the smoke it isn't great air quality and again common sense precautions for sensitive breathers is a good idea. Moderate air quality is predicted for the weekend.

Temperatures cool over the weekend due to the collapsing upper level ridge, this transition starts Saturday but Sunday the impacts will be much easier to feel. The first locations to feel temperature changes will be the beaches and near coastal valleys with inland areas seeing the transition over several days.

A much deeper trough of low pressure develops over the Pacific late next week which could actually make the temps feel more fall-like by the following weekend.