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Huge waves set to pound the Central Coast

Posted at 12:04 PM, Dec 07, 2020

December weather for the Central Coast is generally not this dry so when we get strong offshore winds like we are getting today into Tuesday we have to be on alert due to fire weather risks.

There are also risks due to the growing surf: A huge storm in the Gulf of Alaska Saturday put a lot of wave energy into the water.

Powerful waves and strong rip currents will pose an exceptional risk of ocean drowning and damage to coastal structures like piers and jetties. Large breaking waves can cause injury, wash people off beaches and rocks, and capsize small boats near shore.

Larger waves will start to arrive this afternoon at 8 to 10-feet, peaking at 16 to 22 feet tonight into Tuesday morning. A high surf warning is in place from 9pm tonight into 6pm Wednesday.

Back to the atmosphere, the offshore winds will produce clear skies and warm daytime highs especially Tuesday.

Offshore winds weaken Wednesday and onshore winds will resume in the afternoons.

Dry weather will continue through the end of this week and through the upcoming weekend. A few of the models are advertising a chance of rain on December 16th.