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Inland heat for one more day while the coast starts to cool

Posted at 3:51 PM, Jun 10, 2020

The ridge of high pressure over the Central Coast will start to weaken over the next several days. Initially coastal areas will see relief first, that already happened today and will continue Thursday.

That said, inland areas were actually warmer today and while temps will back off a few degrees Thursday it is hard to call what we'll see inland significant cooling since upper 90s still look likely.

At the beaches we'll see the return of low clouds tonight and they look stubborn on Thursday with a strong temperature inversion in place and not enough breeze to fully mix out clouds. Away from the beaches skies look mostly sunny.

Friday a upper air trough moves over the region. This will deepen the marine influence and get cooler air into the interior. Inland temps could drop around 20 degrees. The mild air lingers on Saturday for interior sections. At the beaches temps look on the cool side for Friday and Saturday.

Sunday high pressure starts to rebuild and temps will respond. Slowly at first on Sunday but Monday inland areas could be near 100 again.

The next ridge is somewhat flat so coastal areas will see a one or two day spike on temps but inland it looks warm most of next week. It looks rather windy at the beach in the afternoons next week.