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Inland temperatures will start to cool

Morro Bay sunset
Posted at 3:42 PM, Jul 22, 2021

A low cloud deck greeted the Central Coast this morning and while it cleared in many places it did prove stubborn in parts of Santa Barbara county and that marine deck is expected to expand again tonight.

Winds had a little afternoon pace but the expectation in the forecast is that the winds will slow a bit into the weekend and marine clouds might be a little more stubborn or slow to clear.

An approaching trough will also deepen the marine layer and allow that more dense cool air inland. Not only will inland temps ease but they will also likely drop below average Sunday into early next week before rebounding again the second part of the week to 100+ levels.

There still is some monsoonal activity to our east, the weekend trough might encourage a little of that air further east but I think local rain is not likely but some instability in the Sierra is possible.