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Inland temps remain warm as the beaches struggle to see much sun

Cloudy Cayucos
Posted at 4:25 PM, Jun 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-02 19:25:59-04

There is a reason the locally unpopular term "June Gloom" gets tossed around. It is a common pattern and turns beach days into days where a sweater might be needed. The set-up is cold ocean waters contrast the warmer air above it, this traps that air and the water vapor condenses into cloud droplets. If you get enough wind you can mix the air and the sun comes out, but if the winds are light this cloud deck can linger for days at a time.

For places away from the immediate water-line the clearing generally happens because the land mass warms up, water is much slower to warm which is one of the reasons your proximity to the water matters. The further you go inland or up in elevation the warmer the temps get and generally the marine influence is under 1500ft which means those clouds never make it deep inland so there is no relief from heat. This is the case this week as an upper level ridge has been parked.

This all changes later Friday and thru the weekend as the ridge weakens and an upper low drifts off the coast. I think there are two impacts.

think winds pick up for the weekend which will help clear the clouds faster at beaches, letting more sun in and temps there should warm. Inland the weakening of the ridge and the upper low will actually raise the depth of the marine layer, the cooler air (not always clouds) so more cool air can move inland (and some higher wind speeds would also help that).

After that looks like the jet aligns into a zonal pattern which will mean less hot air inland. That said I think there will be on and off marine clouds at the beaches and near coastal valleys next week.