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Intensely hot conditions for many Wednesday

Hot coastal view
Posted at 2:07 PM, Jun 15, 2021

The hottest weather of the year is likely over the next few days driven by strong morning offshore winds and a large ridge of high pressure over The West.

Skies will be clear, the winds will be strong and the air will not only be hot but also very dry, this sets up dangerous fire conditions along with the potential for life threatening heat. People are advised to avoid peak heat of the day and strenuous activities and also to stay hydrated.

Generally the Central Coast's proximity to the ocean keeps temperatures moderated but the offshore winds essentially turns off that free air conditioning over the next few days. This means places like San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria which are generally mild will also face 100-105 degree heat on Wednesday.

Even beach communities on the water's edge will race into the 80s if not warmer.

Coastal Areas will see temps ease on Thursday and Friday with some marine rebound but inland the heat is on from Wednesday thru Saturday with 100-110 degree potential with Wednesday and Thursday looking the warmest. I doubt we get a record in Paso on Wednesday as the standing record is 111 but the record is gettable on Thursday with 104 in the books and 106 being the forecast.

SLO could set a record Wednesday, 101 is the record from 1981 and 105 is the forecast (75 is the average). Santa Maria will be close, my forecast is 100 on Wednesday and the record is 101 from 1981 (71 is average).

Interestingly the extended forecast does return some mild conditions next week and even some heavy marine layer is possible at beaches. Inland temps will also cool next week.