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Last day of the California Mid State Fair

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Posted at 12:15 AM, Aug 02, 2021

Today the California Mid State Fair had many eager attendees for it's last day in town.

Philip Searby comes to the fair every year just for the corn dogs.

"Mmm so good," said fair attendee Philip Searby.

He says he only eats one or two a year and they taste best here at the fair.

"Since I was a kid you know a small kid we always came to the fair, parades and always got a corn dog. There's good food here you know there's Chinese, Mexican but this is the all Americana thing," said Searby.

Luis Rodriguez says he enjoys the rides at the fair, especially the avengers ride.

"You just like go in a circle and it's very fun you know just like go up and down," said fair attendee Luis Rodriguez.

Justin Zupko says he wanted to catch the fair before it ended and dig into the food.

"The best part of the fair, probably the wonderful food that comes with the aftershock but it's worth it at the moment and the rides, going on the ferris wheel stuff like that," said fair attendee Justin Zupko.

The fair is a symbol of summertime on the Central Coast. This year, it is also saving some businesses after a difficult financial year due to COVID-19.

German Arteaga, owner of Alicia's Mexican Kitchen has been selling at the Mid State Fair for 8 years and says the great atmosphere and customers keep him coming back year after year.

"It has helped us tremendously to recover not just this fair but other fairs we do throughout the state of California," said Alicia's Mexican Kitchen Owner, German Arteaga.

Arteaga says the good vibes and great people make this one of his favorite fairs he works all year.

The fair is open until midnight tonight.