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Late week heat develops with muggy conditions

Posted at 2:52 PM, Aug 11, 2020

While the pattern may appear to be a broken record changes are coming, changes you'll definitely notice. Heat advisories are already posted for Friday into the weekend.

The first part of the week will see more night and morning marine low clouds near the coast and temperatures on the seasonal side.

There is a tropical system to our south off the Baja California, it will weaken but the sub-tropical moisture will likely move north and get here Thursday thru the weekend. This will mean some high clouds and a lot muggier air, some sprinkles are also possible. Additionally high temperatures will also increase so it will be hot and muggy and the nights look warmer.

This is that part of August weather we've put off for a while but now it looks like it'll only be a few more days until it gets here.