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Long-term rain potential looking good

Posted at 4:10 PM, Dec 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-29 20:37:00-05

Central Coast saw sunshine today but the interior valleys woke up to some sluggish to clear valley fog. Not much change in that pattern tonight. The interior valleys will be quite cold tonight, likely to freeze. There is some offshore breeze in the night and morning hours but not particularly strong.

A weak cold front will dissipate over the Central Coast Thursday morning with drizzle or mist possible but not much if any accumulation. The bigger impact will be to crank up a NW breeze.

After that, some offshore wind resumes into New Year's Day.

Saturday looks quiet. A weak front dissipates over the area Sunday as well, maybe a slightly better chance of a shower or mist/drizzle but still not the main event.

The real main event begins next week with several systems running thru the area over the week. Depending on which model you like anywhere from an inch to several inches is possible.

The pattern looks active into the rest of the month and the climate models like up to 6" thru January. As long as there are breaks in between systems it would be badly needed rainfall.

In a LaNina year, rain can really fall off so when you can pick up some it is good. (BTW not all LaNinas are dry nor are all ElNinos wet).