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Mild conditions should prevail thru next week

Posted at 4:08 PM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 23:20:44-04

Inland temperatures bottomed out today as a large trough covered The West. At the surface onshore flow was diminanat over California and a cold front was pushing down the state in the afternoon.

This morning a very deep marine layer forced clouds and cool air well inland. Skies cleared well for most but the Vandenberg/Lompoc area saw some lingering stratus. Breezy afternoon conditions will wane again tonight allowing more marine clouds to push into the coastal valleys but the lack of warm air aloft or inland will mean weak inversion capping, in other words the cloud field should have gaps and clear more easily Friday.

More extensive clouds during the night and morning hours are possible again Saturday and Sunday as some inland warming picks up and coastal onshore winds slow.

The inland warming comes a weak and temporary ridge shape starts to develop in the upper atmosphere but that short ridge will collapse as more trough development is favored Tuesday-Thursday next week for another cool-down inland. The coastal shifts in temperature will be minor since marine influence is already present.

The Climate Prediction Center is calling for below average temperatures in their 6-10 day outlook and 8-14 day outlook. Mild August weather is somewhat rare, so enjoy it while it lasts.