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Mild weather continues into Saturday then warming returns

Pismo Beach Sunset
Posted at 12:44 PM, Jul 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-14 20:40:04-04

As expected this morning saw a deep and efficient marine layer bringing cooling air not only to the coastal valleys but the interior.

The departure of an upper level ridge helped develop that marine depth and yesterday's stronger winds ushered in the first wave of cooler air inland.

Now we are sitting in this pattern for a few days before an upper level high develops over the 4-corners region and slides west. When that happens not only will inland temps warm again but muggy air may follow.

For the next few days inland temperatures will be below average but as the weekend arrives 90s return and temps could be near triple digits as early as Sunday. The warm temps will linger into mid-week at least.

Closer to the coast there will be some day to day variations in marine coverage but essentially trends look pretty flat into next week.

That 4-Corners high has a clock-wise circulation capable of dragging sub-tropical moisture north. Models are showing higher dew points, some mid-level clouds and higher elevation thunderstorm potential next week. We always have to watch that since the steering flow could direct those into our area but it is more likely any thunderstorm activity stays near higher elevations, but stay tuned.