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Monsoon rains departs and quiet weather ahead

Monsoon skies over Paso Robles
Posted at 1:14 PM, Jul 27, 2021

Yesterday the Central Coast saw a little bit of shower activity, but it didn't add up to much. Certainly not the kind of rain that has any impact on the persisting drought conditions locally or across the state.

There was some concern that isolated thunderstorms could introduce dry lightning risk but locally we didn't see that. As expected the moisture surge pushed north.

A pretty quiet local pattern is developing in the wake of the departing monsoon. Night and morning marine clouds will return and last into next week, this will also include more onshore flow. It is rather gentle so inland temps will remain above average but coastal highs will dip over the next several days to near seasonal norms.

Long-range models don't show any additional monsoon showers or rain of any kind.