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Quiet weather week ahead

Posted at 4:07 PM, Sep 21, 2020

We are starting the week with a stubborn marine cloud deck at the beaches and Tuesday looks similar to today in terms of the set-up. I like less marine clouds by day Wednesday and Thursday. The reason for better clearing later in the week will be due to increasing NW winds, that increases mixing.

Additionally there is also less fire smoke and haze in the area and models are indicating even less over the next few days as well.
The week in general looks quiet but there are signs of change down the road.

The beginning of next week should start to feel different. A large ridge of high pressure starts to pump up.

Additionally some long range modeling shows the ridge really expanding to cover the entire West. If the ridge builds that much we could see flow develop under the ridge from the SE. That could bring up sub-tropical muggy air and potentially monsoon showers. Early to bite hard on that but something to watch as we end September and begin October.