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Showers are possible this weekend

Posted at 9:30 AM, Dec 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-11 20:32:18-05

Over the weekend we'll see two impulses move thru the area, one later Friday night into early Saturday and another later Sunday. Both are areas of low pressure in an overall strong NW flow pattern over our heads across the region.

Looks like Saturday is a mostly cloudy day with perhaps a few sprinkles or light showers possible but the best chance would be across higher elevations with a very weak impulse moving thru. The bigger concerns may actually locally strong winds across the high country where advisories may be necessary. In between the two impulses a small ridge flies thru the area which will also help fuel winds with the pressure changes.

Right after that another weak impulse comes thru later Sunday. This also has a bad trajectory for picking up much in the way of available moisture to work with. That said, a few showers across the area are possible. The best chance will be across norther SLO county. In total under .10" falls over the weekend and I think it is possible many if not most people outside northern SLO county get any measurable rain at all.

After that all eyes were on late next week as over the last few days models have gone back and forth about a potential busy period Thursday-next weekend. Now models are in better alignment that this potential event doesn't look like much at all. The American GFS loved it yesterday for .25-.50" and now it shows a system smashing into a ridge and falling apart as the EURO maintained its view that nothing develops.

This is an extended outlook and it can change quickly but being the Central Coast re-entered a drought officially yesterday we could really use something. Doesn't look great at the moment.