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Showers still on the way into mid-day Friday

Big Sur Coastline and rainbow
Posted at 3:05 PM, Mar 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-18 21:35:56-04

The Central Coast has already picked up a few reports of light showers or drizzle from the coming system. The bulk of the rain potential follows the cold front which will move through from later this evening into tomorrow afternoon. It will take it's sweet time moving thru but it is so weak that most folks should see less than .25 of rain. If there were an exception I'd say it is the hills of the SLO county north coast.

Snow level with this system is sky high because of the airmass origination, we'll get a little cooler into Saturday but still that only drops the level to about 5k feet which is not a factor locally since the system will be gone and only a few places in the area are higher than that.

I think the weekend looks breezy to windy and a little cooler, I think we could see some wind advisories for places like the SB Southcoast, passes and canyons over the weekend.

Additionally much of next week looks breezy to windy, and not ironically it looks very spring-like (and spring begins as well). I think we could see some significant mid-week warming, though models are struggling a bit agreeing about next week. Late next week could see another cold front, mostly dry likely but too early to say with complete confidence being it is so far out. Stay tuned.