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Still warm inland Tuesday but temps will slide this week

Cambria Surf
Posted at 4:34 PM, Jul 19, 2021

Inland temperatures started the week on the warm side and that pattern holds into Tuesday and Wednesday before sagging the second half of the week into the coming weekend.

Closer to the coast night and morning marine clouds will continue their retreat to near the beaches before coming in each night this week. The second half of the week will see more extensive marine layer.

Technically the feature is still there and needs to be monitored for more rain potential but looks generally quiet to me with more activity east than locally. I can see some southwesterly steering flow which should keep any activity clear of us.

Looks like there is some potential for Sundowner winds each evening, but do not anticipate any widespread advisory-level winds. Otherwise, just anticipate the typical gusty southwesterly winds across interior sections each afternoon and evening.

The upper high looks to gradually weaken all week and not only do temps cool but below average highs are possible inland by the coming weekend.