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Strawberries remain top crop in Santa Barbara County, Cauliflower comes in second

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jul 30, 2021

The County Agricultural Commissioner's Office released the 2020 Santa Barbara County Agricultural Crop Report Friday.

The Agricultural Commissioner's annual report documents the acreage, yield, and gross dollar value of agricultural commodities produced in Santa Barbara County.

"Agriculture continues to be the County's major producing industry with a gross production value of $1,819,198,000. This is an increase of $219,051,516 when compared with the 2019 figure." said Commissioner Cathy Fisher.

The combination of increases in strawberry acreage and yield resulted in the continuation of strawberries' reign as the county's leading crop with a gross value of approximately $727 million which is an increase of $156 million from 2019., according to the commissioner's office.

Cauliflower was elevated for the first time to being ranked second in overall gross production value followed closely by broccoli.

This year's report also includes for the first time a separate insert that summarizes the county's cannabis industry. Cannabis production is not included in the total gross production.

"This report is our yearly opportunity to recognize the growers, shippers, ranchers, and other businesses ancillary to and supportive of agriculture, which is the largest driver of Santa Barbara County's economy," said Fisher.

The 2020 report, as well as other reports since 1916, can be foundhere.