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Temps look to slide into Monday but warm again

Morro Bay at sunset
Posted at 1:11 PM, Jul 23, 2021

A lot of early cloud cover around the coastal areas thius morning with areas of mist and drizzle as well. Sluggish clearing and some places likely won't fully clear today. Winds were lower and the temperature inversion strong enough for this to take place.

Onshore flow continues thru the weekend and Monday, as the NW winds stay rather low at the coast the clouds will be again stubborn into early next week. This will keep the slow temp slide going.

There are also some mid and upper level clouds drifting in from the summer monsoon to the east, this will also continue into the weekend. Sunday into Monday there looks to be a surge of this moisture west. However since much of it is at the mid-levels I doubt there is much threat of rain, maybe a few drops like last weekend but more isolated if it happens at all.

A trough of low pressure is also tracking toward the Central Coast which will deepen the marine layer, currently at 1000 ft it is too low to cool the interior but when the trough moves thru over the weekend the inland temps drop to below average before quickly rebounding next week.

We will have to keep watching the monsoon into Tuesday as that minor shower threat is there, even isolated thunderstorms at higher elevations are possible but more likely futher east and south.