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Temps will start a slow slide into the weekend

Moonstone Beach sunset
Posted at 4:48 PM, Jul 21, 2021

While temperatures are running a little above average the general feel is pretty common this time of year: inland areas are warm, coastal valleys are mild and some beaches are on the cool side with marine influence.

We've been in a pattern where the 4-Corners-High is trying to push mid-level clouds and moisture in from the east but it is losing locally due to some SW steering flow aloft. This is keeping conditions from being too extreme inland. Yes, temperatures are in the triple-digits but just barely. There is a big difference between 100 and 115.

There is a trough developing to our west and it will increase the marine depth and crank the winds a little into the coming weekend for some temperature decline. This will happen everywhere but it will be most impactful inland as temps actually dip to below average by the late weekend into early next week.

This cool-down is temporary. I see temps starting to crawl back upward by mid-week and by late next week triple digits inland look likely again.

The benefit of the SW winds is that the fire smoke from the numerous and huge Western wildfires is being carried out of the region. The smoke is clogging skies all the way out to the Atlantic from our fires thanks to the west to east flow of the upper atmosphere.