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This century-old shipwreck in Lompoc may be visible during winter months

The Sybil Marston wreckage
The Sybil Marston wreckage
The Sybil Marston wreckage
The Sybil Marston wreckage
Posted at 11:01 AM, Feb 23, 2023

During the winter months, locals and tourists in Lompoc have the opportunity to view a piece of nautical history. That is, if the timing and conditions are right.

According to the Lompoc Valley Historical Society's Quarterly newsletter, The Legacy, The Sibyl Marston is a schooner made of redwood that ran ashore in 1909. What is left of the vessel can be seen during the winter months about one mile south of Surf Train Station.

The hull, that once carried lumber, now carries historical value to those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

The remains of The Sibyl Marston are described as mostly intact, despite passing time and the surrounding elements.

Explore Lompoc states the ship encountered a storm 111 years ago. Two crew members were aboard when the vessel hit the rocks near Surf Beach.

The wreckage left lumber scattered on the beach, which was scavenged and used to help start Lompoc's first lumber yard.

The wood from the shipwreck proved to be an even greater resource: builders used some of it during the construction of two homes in the area, according to local historian Myra Manfrina. One of those houses is located on South H Street.

Explore Lompoc invites visitors to check out the wreckage during the winter season. It's said that, if the tide is right, the Sybil Marston wreckage is uncovered for people to explore.

Surf Beach is open from mid-September to March. The areas north and south are closed March through mid-September to protect the Snowy Plover bird nesting spots.