Travelers frustrated by differing mask and vaccine mandates in California cities

Posted at 3:26 PM, Oct 07, 2021

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Council approved one of the strictest COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the country, requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination before entering businesses.

Cities in California have different sets of rules when it comes to mask and vaccine mandates, leaving many travelers confused.

Alocia Doyle is visiting the Central Coast from Big Bear and says the constantly changing rules that vary from place to place can be frustrating.

"They definitely are because in Big Bear everybody doesn't wear it and then here, all of the shops are requiring it," Doyle said.

Jacob San Diego, a retail associate at Point Break in Pismo Beach, says most people are compliant with the mask mandate but there are some who refuse, making it hard to enforce.

"When it's like packed and there's like 20,000 people in here there's just not enough employees to enforce it," he said.

If a vaccine mandate similar to the mandate in Los Angles were to be implemented in San Luis Obispo County, San Diego says he doesn't think it would deter customers.

"Maybe a little bit. I don't think it would impact it too much," he said.

Linda and Ray Espinoza say their visit to San Luis Obispo County has been pretty routine.

"We've done it for so long, if a mask is required, we're ready to put it on," Linda said.

They say being vaccinated and bringing multiple masks with them everywhere they go has kept the mandates from affecting their vacation.

"Because it really doesn't. If they want me to wear masks then I'll wear it, and if they say not to wear masks then I won't wear it," visitor Ray Espinosa said.

As of right now, San Luis Obispo County is only requiring masks when inside public spaces, not vaccination.

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