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Volunteers collect leftover crops to give to people in need

Posted at 4:16 AM, Nov 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-21 14:08:05-05

A group of local volunteers is harvesting food for people in need, not only for the upcoming holiday season, but all year long.

“Gleaning” is the collection of leftover crops, from fields after they have been commercially harvested.

The group ‘GleanSLO’ has expanded on this idea to collect a surplus of produce from backyards and gardens of community residents.

The food is then distributed by the SLO Food Bank and other local agencies to serve to our neighbors in need.

It’s an effort made possible by volunteers.

And when volunteers give their time, they also receive something valuable in return.

“It’s always nice to know you are doing something to help others. and that’s kind of my nature, but a lot of people have it inside themselves," said Geof Findley, GleanSLO volunteer.

"I’m picking the fruit, I'm picking the vegetables that will end up on somebody’s table the next day. And yea, with the conditions and environment and the way things are it’s even more impactful now because more and more people need this in their lives. You feel good harvesting, getting out in nature, at the same you know that you are making a difference,” said Findley.

According to SLO Food Bank, over 31,100 individuals are served monthly, adding up to over 4,154,100 pounds of food distributed in 2021.

Learn more about GleanSLO HERE.