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Warmer than average temps expected away from beaches this week

Posted at 2:31 PM, Sep 28, 2020

Marine layer providing significant cooling at beaches for now as the air flow has been light. With inland temperatures near 100 to start the week the temperature inversion is strong, capping in the marine clouds and making them quite stubborn.

This stubborn deck of low clouds looks to be an issue again Tuesday. Wednesday I think some offshore flow tries to get going again and may do a better job clearing some of the coastal clouds. Thursday the offshore flow looks rather strong 15-20mph and looks to clean out all the clouds, I think this will produce warm temperatures both inland and at the coast and beaches.

Let's talk about the coastal and interior valleys for a second. The interior valleys have been warm, around 10 or more degrees above average (which is roughly mid 80s this time of year). This looks to continue for the rest of the work week with Wednesday or Thursday being the warmest days before temperatures slowly wane over the weekend and early next week near average temps are likely. This will take place because a few upper lows get snagged into the upper flow and weaken the ridge a little.

Coastal valleys are the toughest call since they sit between the cooler beaches and warmer interior but looks like the marine depth is low enough to leave the coastal valleys warmer than average all week. Again, not extreme but just warmer than average. Looks to me like Thursday should be the warmest day when a decent offshore push develops. The coastal valleys follow the interior in cooling over the weekend into next week.