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Windy conditions to close the week

Windy Pismo Beach
Posted at 12:41 PM, May 20, 2021

There will be advisories well into Thursday evening for the Central Coast and until Friday morning for the Santa Barbara County high country. Gusts in the high county could hit 50mph and for the Central Coast up to 40mph.

Temperatures are continuing their slide as a large cold trough of low pressure digs into The West. Showers and thunderstorms in Northern California and even low level snows are likely with this system.

For the Central Coast temps stay down into Saturday before a slow crawl upward Sunday. Inland temps get the biggest boots when the system kicks out. Coastal temperatures also warm. I don't see any extreme temperatures however.

Next week will feature more night and morning low clouds and afternoon clearing, it looks generally breezy to windy at the coast again in the afternoons and early evenings before winds back off in the overnight hours.

Today the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor Update came out and for California not much changed, just a little more "exceptional drought" and the Central Coast remains in a "severe" drought. While that sounds bad I expected some move into "extreme drought" locally and that has not happened....yet.