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How workers are saving time using ChatGPT AI

With time saved, workers are starting side hustles.
How workers are saving time using ChatGPT AI
Posted at 7:14 AM, Jul 28, 2023

Are you stressed and not finding enough time in your workday?

A recent survey released by shows that many workers who used the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT saved hours each week.

The survey shows that a third of the people surveyed used AI on a weekly basis. The most common tasks the tool is being used for include summarizing documents, writing emails, creating content and translating text. 

Using ChatGPT is helping employees work more efficiently, the survey showed. One in four said it helps save 10 hours a week, while 4% of workers who use the tool say it saves them more than 20 hours per week. Only 7% of weekly ChatGPT users say the tool isn’t saving them anytime per week. 

Since starting to use ChatGPT at work and saving time by doing so, 78% of workers say their work-life balance has improved, while 52% say their mental health has. Fifty-one percent also say they have more time to spend with friends and family. 

What are people doing with the extra time saved? According to the survey, 26% say they’ve started a side hustle and 8% a second job as a result of the time they’ve been able to save by using ChatGPT at work.     

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