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Israel at war: Reporting from the front lines

Scripps News reports on the ground from Israel nearly two weeks since war with Hamas first broke out.
Israel at war: Reporting from the front lines
Posted at 7:29 PM, Oct 19, 2023

In tonight's Scripps News special report, we look at how conditions have changed nearly two weeks since the deadly terrorist attack on Israel.

We investigate Telegram, a global messaging and social media app that has grown as a core channel for information — and significant propaganda — since the outbreak of the war. 

A group of first responders in southern Israel used the app to share footage from recovered cameras, showing some of the first scenes from Hamas' attack on Oct. 7.

While most of what Hamas and its allies post on the app is pure propaganda, some of it offers insight into how and where the group is operating.

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And Scripps News goes inside a war room where volunteers from Israel's tech community — writers, designers and social media strategists — spread the message of Hamas' kidnappings worldwide. They work with the families of people taken hostage in Gaza, to make sure the world knows what has happened.

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Watch the full report on Scripps News' YouTube channel.

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