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Jennifer Aniston Says The ‘Friends’ Cast Would Do A Reboot Of The Show

Posted at 7:37 AM, Jun 06, 2019

Consider this a public service announcement: Jennifer Aniston has said that she, along with the rest of the cast of “Friends,” would be willing to do a reboot of the iconic TV show.

While talking with Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show,” she discussed the potential of a reunion with optimism.

“Listen, I told you this,” she said. “I would do it … the girls would do it, and the boys would do it, I’m sure.”

Jon Ragel/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Listen,” Aniston added. “Anything can happen.”

That sounds promising! It’s been 25 years since the show first aired in 1994, and those reruns on Netflix won’t cut it forever. Now is as good a time as any to see the cast come together again.

Listen to the words every “Friends” fan has been waiting to hear in this video from the “The Ellen Show” YouTube channel:

Despite the fact that “Friends” ended in 2004, it’s still adored by fans. The show is even gaining popularity in a younger audience, as Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani on the show, can personally attest to.

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“It’s unbelievable for me,” LeBlanc told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in an interview on “Live With Ryan and Kelly.”

“It seems like every year there’s a new generation that watches it,” he added.

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But LeBlanc, who is now 51, pointed out that acquiring new fans, especially from a new, younger audience, isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

“I was walking down the street one day — this was a few years ago — this kid, he must have been 13, 14, he’s like, ‘Oh my God, are you — you’re Joey’s dad!’” LeBlanc said.

You can see the hilarious clip in this video from the “Live With Ryan and Kelly” YouTube channel:

The idea of a reboot may make the cast feel old, but based on the reactions to Aniston’s hopeful response to DeGeneres, fans wouldn’t mind having the cast come together — 25 years older and all — one bit.

Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

And they took to social media to express their opinions.

Twitter user @Queen_Teel wrote, “Patiently waiting for ‘Friends’ to reboot” and had the perfect gif to complete the tweet:

And Twitter user @Nicolelynnx noted that a “Friends” reboot is all she needs to feel happy in life:

However, there are those who cherish the TV show just the way it is and don’t want a reboot series to potentially taint its legacy.

Twitter user @the_true_emiloo pointed out that while it may be an “unpopular opinion,” she disagreed that “Friends” needs a reboot:

What do you think? Would you tune in to a reboot of “Friends”?

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