Bobcat attacks doorbell camera on Georgia house while opossum looks on

Bobcat ring doorbell
Posted at 9:11 AM, Sep 13, 2021

A doorbell camera was able to capture a sneak peek of Georgia's wildlife earlier this month — though the owners now have some home improvement work to do.

The camera captured a wild bobcat scuffling with an opossum in the Atlanta area before the bobcat decided to attack the camera itself.

The homeowner, who lives in Kennesaw, Georiga, just northwest of Atlanta, is used to seeing and hearing animals in the backyard.

According to CNN, she heard a commotion at her back door in the middle of the night over Labor Day weekend. That's where she found the doorbell camera on the ground several feet from the house.

When she checked the video footage from the doorbell camera, she saw the footage of the bobcat swiping at the camera while the opossum looked on.

Fortunately, the video remained intact, offering a glimpse as to what animals are up to after the sun goes down.