How easy is it to hack a car?

Security experts warn about too much technology in cars
Posted at 9:02 AM, Oct 09, 2019

You've heard about hacking devices in homes and businesses, but what about cars? Security experts warn about more advanced technology in vehicles, and the vulnerability that comes with it.

Internet and security expert Alan Crowetz took WPTV on a drive in his fully-equipped car. Ironically, he warned of how easily it could be hacked.

There's a push from many people for self-driving cars, but Crowetz warns that things many people already have, like LoJack, maps or satellite radio, can be vulnerable to hackers.

"There is a risk with (that type of technology), and hackers love to find these kinds of things," Crowetz said. "If they can control your systems, perhaps they turn your gas mileage down to nothing. Perhaps they track where you are, when you are coming and going. There are safety concerns. They can make the car slam its breaks on, deploy the air bag."

Driver Wayne Bernard said he's a little more "old school" and chose a car with no bells and whistles.

"I just feel like it’s an invasion of my privacy," Bernard said. "I feel like conversations now are being listened to."

He explained he's wary of technology.

"The more you start intertwining technology into anything, it’s opportunity for people to access, hack," Bernard said.

Experts like Crowetz warn you still may not be safe, even though you feel like your technology is stuck in the past.

"You already have a ton of technology," Crowetz said. "Almost every car on the road has a little data point hidden on the dashboard — below that is a computer."

So what do you do?

"When you are looking for a car, these are things you should ask about," he said. "You really should find out how connected is your car. Has there been any history of people hacking this car?"

This story was originally published by Tory Dunnan on WPTV.