Oklahoma man's 'Mega Mower' leads to social media fame

Posted at 8:00 AM, Aug 25, 2021

MCCURTAIN COUNTY, Okla. — Trez Beck is known around the world as the builder of the "Mega Mower," a lawnmower he modified after it was given to him by his grandfather.

"I'm probably the biggest redneck you'll ever meet in your life," said Beck. "I got the big truck and the big lawnmower and all that stuff. So, I guess that classifies as a redneck."

The 22-year-old man and his giant mower reside in Valliant, Oklahoma.

"You blink once, you're going to miss it," he said.

For 30 years, Beck's grandfather owned a machine shop, where he picked up a few skills.

"I grew up in the machine shop learning how to tinker and things," Beck said.

trez 2.PNG
Oklahoma man Trez Beck is known around the world as the builder of the "Mega Mower" -- a lawnmower given to him by his grandfather who owned a machine shop for 30 years.

Beck says he had the idea four years ago to use the skills he learned from his grandfather to modify the small mower.

"I'm a little mechanically inclined and a little bit on the stupid side, too," he said. "So, I decided, 'Let's put these big tires on a lawnmower and see what we can do with it.'"

The "Mega Mower" is a regular Craftsman lawnmower with its original engine, but it's a bit taller now since he added 37-inch tires from his old truck.

"I'm 6'2" and the seat of it is actually perfectly level with my head right here."

The top speed is about 15 miles an hour.

"It's a complicated little machine, but it works."

A friend told Beck if he started posting videos, he thought he might go viral. Turns out that friend was right.Beck's TikTok account doubled in size and now he has almost 3 million likes. People everywhere want to know what's next.


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When asked how it went when he turned the "Mega Mower" into a pontoon boat, Beck said, "It went great. I was intending for it to go out on the water and flip over, but it worked a lot better than I thought it would."

Now, Beck is trying to get his creation tagged, so he can officially go out on the water and do some fishing.

"I think that'd be funny," he said.

Beck's creation is so funny and so popular, he's been contacted by the producers of MTV's show "Ridiculousness."

"I'm actually going to be on one of their episodes coming up with a couple of my videos off of TikTok," said Beck.

There's also a clothing line in the making. Beck says Granger Smith with Yee Yee Apparel has contacted him.

"I think that'd be neat because that just screams redneck," Beck said. "Some big jacked-up lawnmower, you know? That's right up their alley."

Beck says he has big plans for the "Mega Mower" and he's enjoying the ride to fame and maybe even fortune.

"Here I am, I'm actually going to be on TV with it," he said. "This is positively Oklahoma and when they see this thing, they'll be like yep that's McCurtain County right there."

This story was originally published by Mike Brooks at KJRH.