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Lizzo hires high-powered attorney to defend her in dancers' suit

The singer and dancer Lizzo has hired top legal defense attorney Marty Singer, who has defended other stars including Bill Cosby.
Lizzo hires high-powered attorney to defend her in dancers' suit
Posted at 5:47 PM, Aug 03, 2023

Entertainer Lizzo appears ready to fight allegations of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment, among other claims levied against her by former tour dancers. 

The singer and artist has hired high-powered defense attorney to the stars Marty Singer, who has defended other big names including comedian Bill Cosby, actor Charlie Sheen, John Travolta and Jim Carrey. 

Singer is so known in Hollywood that he was named Entertainment Lawyer of the Year by the Beverly Hills Bar Association, Forbes reported

SEE MORE: Lizzo denies allegations, calls them 'false' and 'sensationalized'

Lizzo, the Grammy Award-winning artist, denied the allegations against her on Thursday in a statement, saying the lawsuit is filled with "sensationalized stories."

The said the former employees admitted that they were "told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional."

Lizzo said in a statement, "The last few days have been gut wrenchingly difficult and overwhelmingly disappointing. My work ethic, morals and respectfulness have been questioned. My character has been criticized. Usually I choose not to respond to false allegations but these are as unbelievable as they sound and too outrageous to not be addressed."

On Tuesday, the former Lizzo tour dancers  - Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez - filed a civil lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court accusing Lizzo of subjecting them to sexual and religious harassment, weight-shaming and fostering a hostile work environment during her "Special" tour.

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