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Local firefighters implement safety measures to respond to COVID patients

Posted at 4:17 AM, Mar 18, 2020

Local fire agencies are taking extra precautions to ensure safety amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Cal Fire SLO is changing the way crews response to the calls as well as the safety gear they use.

If a patient is in need of advanced life support, such as CPR, a ventilator or a breathing treatment, first responders will still administer care.

However, Cal Fire Capt. Micheal DeLeo says if the patient possibly has the coronavirus, first responders will wear the appropriate gear to protect the public and their personnel.

"If it's typical flu-type symptoms and there is no critical need, we are going to limit that response to hopefully one person in full gown, glasses, gloves, full PPE and administer care," Capt. DeLeo said.

DeLeo says crews have not seen an uptick in calls yet but they are preparing for that to happen.