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Lawsuit: In-N-Out responsible for 2017 wildfire in Arroyo Grande

Posted at 10:28 AM, Nov 24, 2019
In-N-Out responsible for 2017 wildfire in Arroyo Grande

Cal Fire is seeking roughly $1.2 million from the burger chain In-N-Out to recoup wildfire damage costs.

Cal Fire alleges that fast food chain In-N-Out was responsible for the Huasna 2017 wildfire in rural Arroyo Grande, according to a lawsuit filed in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.

AP News reports that Cal Fire claims the September 2017 wildfire was caused by a tractor mowing grass on In-N-Out property, saying it was covered in “dry annual grasses and scattered brush, which created a receptive bed of flammable vegetation.”

The agency also claims the tractor was improperly maintained and the driver allowed the fire to spread, according to AP News.

The fire burned about 245 acres (99 hectares) in four days. In-N-Out did not respond to a media request.

(AP News and KSBY Staff contributed to this report.)