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The Newest Miss America Did A Science Experiment For Her Talent

The Newest Miss America Did A Science Experiment For Her Talent
Posted at 10:39 AM, Dec 26, 2019

There she is, Miss America — blowing stuff up in high heels and full makeup.

Camille Schrier, Miss Virginia, wowed judges with her talent segment at the pageant: A colorful science demonstration with erupting beakers of a hydrogen peroxide mixture.

“I’ve loved science since I was a little girl,” said Schrier as she set up her experiment. “And now I have the opportunity to pursue the career in science that I had always dreamed of.”

The demo showed off the catalytic decomposition — or induced breakdown — of hydrogen peroxide. Smartly attired in a white lab coat, sparkly slacks and safety glasses, Schrier added potassium iodide to the solutions, producing giant globs of foam.

At 24 years old, Schrier is studying to attain her doctorate in pharmacy, and also holds degrees biochemistry and systems biology. As she told NPR, she wants to show youngsters that you can do high-level work in the sciences and wear glamorous clothes and fancy makeup sometimes, too.

Still, she only joined the Miss America pageant circuit after the swimsuit competition was removed from the contest.

“You know, I’m a confident person,” Schrier said on NPR. “But I don’t feel the need to be judged on my physical appearance or especially my body in a swimsuit.”

Each pageant contestant chooses a social issue that she’ll advocate for if she’s crowned Miss America. Appropriately, Schrier’s issue for her reign is “Mind Your Meds: Drug Safety and Abuse Prevention From Pediatrics to Geriatrics.” Now she’ll make media appearances and tour the country spreading awareness of her platform.

The tens of thousands in pageant prize money will pay down her student loans, as she noted in an Instagram post after her win:

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The first week of April 2019, I decided to enter my first Miss Virginia local competition. It was a “bucket list” item for me. I never thought I could compete in the Miss America Organization because I “didn’t have a performing talent” and didn’t want to compete in swimsuit. But, I didn’t want to pass the age of eligibility without at least giving it one shot. Now, 9 months later…I’m on a train out of NYC after my media tour as Miss America. I’ve earned $73,675 of scholarship money that will pay for nearly all of my remaining graduate education, and a job that will quite literally change my life forever. Here’s to big dreams, taking risks, and staying true to yourself. {Perhaps you were made for such a time as this} Esther 4:14 ✨ • • #MissAmerica2020 #MissAmerica #MissA2020 #MAO #ThereSheIs @MissAmerica

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The pageant was just last week, but Schrier is already off and running, sitting down with “Today” and ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ.

What a great role model for all the little scientists out there!

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