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Mom, Dad and daughter all graduate from college together

Mom, Dad and daughter all graduate from college together
Posted at 11:20 AM, May 22, 2023

Graduation is one of a family’s most significant milestones. It’s usually a time of pride for parents as they watch their child walk across the stage to accept that hard-worn college degree. When Robyn and Greg Adams sat in the audience of Texas Lutheran University’s May 13 commencement ceremony, they weren’t only there to witness their daughter Ashley’s graduation — they were also among the graduating students!

The university shared the Adams family’s story on social media, announcing that the trio was the first family in school history to graduate together.

On their graduation day, mom Robyn earned her Master of Accountancy, dad Greg earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and their daughter Ashley received a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

The family had no plans to attend the same school and graduate together, but circumstances seemed to align for them, starting with Ashley’s admission process and the tours that went along with it. Both parents had already started classes at a community college. However, after seeing the campus and seeing Ashley’s experience there, Robyn and Greg knew they wanted to transfer to TLU.

Before they made the switch, though, mom and dad knew they needed to ask their daughter if she would be all right with her parents attending the same school. Ashley gave her approval and then watched as her parents thrived in college life.

Texas Lutheran University

“I can’t express how proud I am of my parents for not only going back to school but making the most out of their time here,” Ashley said in a TLU press release. “My mom has taken on a mother-like role and was always helping her classmates in various ways. My dad got to be a college athlete by joining the golf team. I think that they have had such a presence on campus, and I am so lucky and proud to call them my parents.”

Their simultaneous graduation also seemed meant to be. Ashley’s original graduation date was supposed to be May 2022. However, some schedule changes postponed her graduation to the following year, which “worked out wonderfully,” she told the Seguin Gazette.

Robyn said the most exciting part of her graduation ceremony wasn’t receiving her own degree.

“I’m going to be watching my husband and daughter and it’s going to be surreal,” she told Texas Lutheran University. “I’m so very proud of Ashley, but to get to watch from a behind-the-scenes perspective is really neat and something I would never give up.”

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