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Apple unveils new iPhone operating system at Monday event

Apple expected to unveil new products, updates at Monday event
Posted at 8:31 AM, Jun 22, 2020

Apple unveiled its new iPhone operating system, iOS 14, on Monday at its completely-online Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Keynote Address.

Here are Apple's most significant announcements from Monday's event.

iOS 14

Apple gave viewers a first look at iPhone's new operating system on Monday. The new program means that iPhone's home screen will look a bit different when it debuts later this year.

iPhone users will now have the ability to set default email and browser apps for the first time. Previously, iPhone defaulted to using Apple's "Mail" and "Safari" apps when clicking on links in social media apps. Now, users can choose to browse and message on other companies' browsers and email clients.

The home screen will also get an overhaul with a new "Library" grouping feature that will automatically group similar apps together on an additional home screen page. The feature is designed to allow users to find lesser-used apps more easily.

iOS 14 will also introduce a new "Picture in Picture" feature that allows an iPhone user to watch videos while browsing other apps.

The new operating system also makes some changes to the popular Memoji feature, including the ability to give an avatar a coronavirus mask.

New chips in MacBooks

In an announcement that was widely expected, Apple announced Monday that all of its products would be built with computer chips made in-house. While mobile Apple products and Apple TV devices are already made with chips produced in-house, MacBooks previously ran on Intel's computer chips. Moving forward, Apple will begin using its own chips in thier laptop computer.

Translate app

Apple unveiled a new smartphone app that will provide real-time translation between two people speaking different languages.

Unlocking a car with an iPhone

Apple announced several updates to its "CarPlay" app, which allows iPhones to communicate with certain car models. Among the updates is a feature that will iPhone users the ability to unlock and start their cars from their phones. The first car to be equipped with the feature will be the BMW 2021 BMW 5-series. Key privileges can also be sent through Apple's message app and can be revoked at any time.