More warm weather to close the week

Posted at 5:45 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 20:45:31-05

High pressure and breezy offshore winds will bring more warm temps to the Central Coast through Friday.

A ridge of high pressure aloft will remain over California through early Friday, along with locally breezy offshore flow at the surface. These winds have already weakened from their earlier peak, and should change little into Friday (except for typical day/night trends). There will be some weak afternoon onshore winds before turning back offshore each night.

Temperatures should peak Thursday and approach some daily records, thanks to the weaker but still present offshore flow and warmer air mass. Friday will also be very warm, but with the ridge weakening winds should turn onshore, expecting a few degrees of cooling over at least the coastal and valley areas.

Increasing high clouds will happen now thru Friday.

Much cooler on Saturday, the further cooling with a chance of showers Sunday into Monday as low pressure moves into the area.

A low pressure system will quickly move through California on Sunday, bringing a possibility for showers Sunday or Sunday night. Not much change in the outlook. Most models like .00-20" of rain. Days of offshore winds means the lower layers could again limit the impact of the system. Like last weekend there is a cold core to the system so regardless of rain it'll be much cooler and breezy as well.

The long range forecasts are fluctuating a bit about early to mid-March. But to generalize it does look potentially wet beginning the second week, stay tuned as some of the details become more clear.