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New Kit Kat Cereal lets you have candy for breakfast

New Kit Kat Cereal lets you have candy for breakfast
Posted at 4:30 AM, Apr 21, 2023

You have officially been given permission to have candy for breakfast.

Hitting store shelves this May, new General Mills Kit Kat cereal is made to taste just like the candy bar, which, if you’ve never had one, is essentially a crispy wafer covered in milk chocolate.

While you could just chop up some Kit Kat bars and cover them with milk (no judgment here!), the cereal is actually made up of chocolate squares that General Mills described in an email to Simplemost as “chocolatey, crispy deliciousness in a bowl.”

The new flavor will be in the cereal aisle of grocery stores nationwide for around $5.69 per box. General Mills does not say if it is for a limited time and if so, how long it will be around, so you may want to grab a box soon just in case.

General Mills

While this is the first Kit Kat cereal, the candy bar previously had a cereal-inspired makeover in 2021 when Hershey’s released a “Fruity Candy” flavor.

The limited-time pink-colored candy bars were made with a fruity-cereal flavored cream in place of the traditional chocolate. They still had the classic crispy wafer inside and also included rainbow specks.

KitKat's new fruity cereal flavor

The Kit Kat cereal is just one of a few new flavors from General Mills, which will also be launching Cinnamon Toast Crunch Tres Leches and Vanilla Spice Cheerios, plus a non-breakfast treat: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dunkaroos.

A General Mills representative tells Simplemost the new Dunkaroos combine vanilla cookies with Cinnamon Toast Crunch frosting, which is made with Cinnadust — the seasoning blend on Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

The Dunkaroos — a true ’90s snack — are available nationwide now for $2.39 per package, but only at convenience stores.

General Mills


While you wait for the new cereals, there are plenty of others in stores that should take care of your morning sweet tooth.

You’ll find everything from Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies Cereal to Wendy’s Frosty Chocolatey Cereal. Or, you can jump on the TikTok bandwagon a few years late and make your own chocolate chip cookie “cereal.” Enjoy!

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