Central Coast Living: Santa Maria Style BBQ

Posted at 10:17 AM, Jul 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-20 13:17:27-04

     Santa Maria style barbecue is an important part of the Central Coast’s dining experience.
     In 1978, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce requested a copyright for the menu.
     Long before they were given the copyright, Santa Maria style barbecue was part of the way of life on the coast.
     The BBQ Hall of Fame inside the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum shows its history of cowboys using sticks to build barbecues.
     "The Barbecue Hall of Fame is actually the center point of our ranching exhibit that shares our rich history of barbecue, of ranching, of agriculture and as the Discovery Museum we want to share that story with our kids and with families," said Chris Slaughter with the Discovery Museum.
     Famous names are on the wall of brandings were once guest barbecuers at the Beacon Outpost restaurant in Santa Maria.
     "The Minetti’s, the Righetti’s, even President Ronald Reagan," said Slaughter.
     Today, the best barbecue on the Central Coast might be made by Whiskey Bent, the barbecuing trio who recently won the Brews and Cues competition in Santa Maria.
     "We won best beef, best ribs, and the best overall," said Raymond Williams of Whiskey Bent.
     The official cuts of Santa Maria style are top-block sirloin and tri-tip, according to the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce.
     As for tips on your own backyard barbeque, Williams says the best technique is to let the flames burn down to coals.
     "Coals is where the majority of the heat is. Don’t rush it, don’t overcook it, and over-think it. It’s real simple," said Willaims.