Large new housing development planned in Paso Robles

Posted at 5:32 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 20:32:29-04

A new housing development that will include nearly 1,000 units is in the works in Paso Robles. 

In 2003, the City of Paso Robles designated an area southeast of the city for future residential development. Over the years, the property owners have created a plan that could soon be a reality. 

Next Wednesday, residents will be able to express their concerns. 

The property is picturesque with oak trees and flowers. It spans 210 acres. 

"It’s always just a great, scenic relaxing place to ride by," said Patrick Morrow, who lives about a half-mile away. 

Morrow learned about two years ago it’s the future site of a new housing community. More recently, he saw Beechwood Specific Plan signs including a "Notice of Public Open House," tacked onto fences surrounding the property. 

"I understand that people need places to live but I also feel like Paso is developing and we’re starting to lose the rural feel," Morrow said. 

915 units will go up. 

"The property is bounded on the south by Creston Road at the city limits. Going out to the east, Beechwood Road and Meadowlark. Virginia Peterson School is just located to the west," explained Paso Robles City Planner Susan DeCarli.

Project representative Dan Lloyd says 120 units will be apartments and/or duplexes or triplexes. The vast majority will be single-family homes similar to those nearby. 

Neighbor Jeff Beasley lives a block away. He saw the posting on the fence on Monday. His number one concern echoes other neighbors’. 

"Our concerns are mostly just with traffic and how big this project really is and what’s that going to do to Meadowlark Lane, for example. Is that going to be a major thoroughfare?" Beasley questioned. 

"We will have two points of access on Meadowlark, two points of access on Beechwood, three points of access on Creston Road, so the traffic is going to be dispersed around the community," Lloyd explained. 

Lloyd says the housing is considered low density given the amount of land, so no serious traffic congestion is expected. 

If the Environmental Impact Report and project are approved this year, the earliest ground could be broken is 2020. 

It’s not clear how much the homes will cost at this point but the project representative says they will be on the affordable side. 

About six acres of the property will be dedicated to commercial use, possibly along Creston Road. 

Next Wednesday, April 11, there will be a public open house and environmental scoping meeting regarding the project. 

It will be at Virginia Peterson Elementary School on Beechwood Drive from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

There will not be a formal presentation. Instead, booths will be set up to discuss things like traffic circulation, water supply, and schools. 

The city says it’s met with the school district which says it can absorb the number of students living in the area but it’s at a tipping point with another residential subdivision planned near the project. A school site will need to be identified down the road.