Gas prices surge around the country, Central Coast

Posted at 6:29 PM, Apr 12, 2018

As the summer driving season quickly approaches, prices at the pump are at their highest level since 2015.

The average gallon of regular gas costs nearly $3.65 in San Luis Obispo County.  It costs $3.57 in Santa Barbara County.

Oil prices surged to nearly $67 per barrel almost overnight, reportedly due to possible military action against Syria and the trade conflict with China. 

With gas prices not looking to drop anytime soon, Central Coast residents are feeling the wallet drain.  

"It’s definitely affecting, you know, our grocery account and our gas account, you know. I mean, it was about $35 to fill it up but now it’s about $10 more and that adds up," said Santa Maria resident Shar Lara.

When we asked others around the Central Coast, they definitely said they weren’t fans of the price at the pump.