Lompoc native MLB player offering reward for grandpa’s stolen music

Posted at 2:02 PM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 17:02:03-04

He’s willing to pay $1,000 to help find his grandpa’s love songs.

Kansas City Royals pitcher and Cabrillo High alumni, Danny Duffy, called out a burglar on Twitter, who the baseball player says stole his grandfather’s guitar amplifier, CD’s and love songs dedicated to his wife of 63 years. Duffy said the hand written notes are irreplaceable and "his prize possession"

"He is down in the dumps about this," Duffy said. "Especially after his hernia surgery."

His grandpa, an 84-year-old veteran, was recovering from a recent surgery when his items were stolen out of his Suburban in Goleta, according to Duffy, who tweeted, "All he can do right now is sing and strum."

He describes the binder as dark colored with hand written work and sheet music ranging from Elvis Presely to Chris Stapleton. 

Fans responded to him with support. One woman tweeting back, "Sending prayers this irreplaceable treasure falls into the right hands and quickly returns to your grandpa."

Despite being hundreds of miles away in Michigan for a series against Detroit, Duffy is making it a priority to help his grandpa. Duffy said he loves to watch his grandfather’s band play during the office season. 

"My grandma sits in the front row and feels like a VIP," Duffy said.

According to his Twitter page, he is asking anyone who finds the missing items to bring it to his aunt’s sports bar in Goleta, no questions asked. 

Duffy graduated from Cabrillo High in 2007.