Grover Beach businesses move out as marijuana retailers move in

Posted at 10:31 PM, Apr 24, 2018

Some business owners in Grover Beach are relocating, claiming new marijuana businesses are pushing them out.

The Gym is in a new location on Highland Way. Owners Corinne Furnice and her husband are still putting together equipment after a difficult move.

"Grover Beach is not the best place if you’re trying to relocate a business," said Furnice.

Furnice says finding a space that was appropriate for a gym at a decent price was nearly impossible.

"If we hadn’t have had this place, we would have most likely been out of business," said Furnice.

The Gym was previously on Farroll Rd. That space now sits empty after it was bought with the intention to start a marijuana business. The new owners were never awarded a permit from the city.

Still, Furnice says rising rent prices would have pushed them out.

"For the price they sold it for, we knew we weren’t going to be able to stay," said Furnice.

Rising rent is now a trend in the area, Furnice says.

"What was anywhere from 85 cents to a dollar per square foot went up to at least $2.50 per square foot. I know there are many other business owners that have been in their building for 20, 30 years or longer and they had to go," Furnice added.

Epic Entertainment, previously located in the industrial zone of Grover Beach, also had to relocate.

"The cannabis business bought the entire center we were in. We were on a month-to-month at that point, so they said we needed to leave," said Owner Anthony Salas.

Salas almost took his business to another city before settling on a Grande Avenue location. He needs to sublease the space to afford it.

"Everything is more expensive, especially just being on Grand is more expensive," said Salas.

At least two other local businesses have relocated to other cities. KB Horseshoes is now in Santa Maria and Central Coast Refreshments is now in San Luis Obispo.

KSBY reached out to the City of Grover Beach for comment but a spokesperson was not available.