Racially derogatory flyers left at homes near Cal Poly

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 27, 2018

At least six houses along East Foothill Boulevard in San Luis Obispo received small flyers distributed by who neighbors say was a young man on a skateboard Wednesday and Thursday.  The flyers contain statements like "put whites first" and neighbors who received them aren’t happy to see them.

"I got back from a walk with my dog and my roommate’s just like, ‘look at what some horrible person put into our mail slot,’" said Sophia Ford, Cal Poly student.

The flyers seemed to be targeted at homes with residents connected to Cal Poly.  

"I mean, whose walking down East Foothill Boulevard knocking on Cal Poly students’ doors?" Ford continued.

Ford says her roommate heard the flier being slipped through the mail slot but quickly discarded the messages once reading the first few lines.  

Lines like:



"There can be no Western Civilization if Western People choose not to exist."

For Ford, the messages were shocking.  

"When that’s being put in your mail slot, I mean, that’s just straight racism. I mean, that’s like beyond racism," she said. 

But student homes weren’t the only recipients. Flyers were also left at the homes of Cal Poly staff members and parents nearby.

"They didn’t have any stamps or anything so it looked like someone had physically placed them," said Dale Stoker, who also found the flyers in his mailbox.  "They were similar to the pamphlets and kind of derogatory messages that we had been seeing at Cal Poly."

Stoker said he worried his home had been targeted until students living next door said they got the flyers, too.  

But knowing neighbors got them didn’t make the tiny, hate-filled messages any less of a concern.

"There was a moment where I felt a little nervousness. I’d really like to see just some peacefulness, some time to heal, some time to reflect," Stoker said.

Like Ford, Stoker didn’t hold onto the messages for long.  

"We went to our backyard, put them in the fire pit and burned them," he said.

In talking to neighbors along East Foothill Boulevard, a pattern popped up. Homes with residents who had no connection to Cal Poly didn’t receive the flyers. Homes of students, staff, and parents all did. 

Stoker did report the fliers to the police; however, the individual who was delivering the flyers is still unknown.  

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office also took a report from a resident in Los Osos who reported receiving similar fliers to those found on East Foothill.